Awarding body: APICS

APICS - The Association for Operations Managers is an international organisation offering courses and examination sittings in over thirty countries worldwide.


APICS is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing and logistics. It aims to deliver advanced productivity, innovation and competitive success for individuals and organisations.


In 1973 APICS launched the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) programme to provide a common basis for individuals to assess their knowledge in the evolving field of materials management. The CPIM programme is recognized worldwide as the standard of professional competence in production and inventory control and supply chain management.

Through CPIM participants master essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to: 

  • demand management
  • procurement management
  • supplier planning

  • material requirements planning

  • capacity planning

  • sales and operations planning

  • master scheduling

  • performance measurements

  • supplier relationships

  • quality control

  • continuous improvement.

Course Duration

  • 1 year approximately to complete (2 Modules)
  • Modules offered for September or February start

APICS CPIM Qualification

The CPIM program is divided into two modules, each covering specific, in-depth aspects of production and inventory management. 

·     Part 1 -  Basics of Supply Chain Management

·     Part 2 -  Execution and Control of Operations

·               -  Master Planning of Resources

·               -  Detailed Scheduling and Planning

·               -  Strategic Management of Resources


APICS   CPIM Benefits

APICS CPIM education provides participants with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Increase functional knowledge of production and inventory management
  • Maximize return on investment on systems and technologies
  • Master the tools to effectively manage global supply chain activities where suppliers, plants, distributors and customers are located around the world
  • Gain knowledge to apply principles ERP software is based upon, including lessons covering various functions within a company (for example, purchasing, planning, finance, engineering)
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering products and services Just-in-Time.
  • Learn skills to create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate-wide communication

CPIM examination

    Exams are computer based and are scheduled throughout the year. There are a number of exam centres throughout the country.

    Participants must pass both modules in order to receive their certificate and use the designator CPIM after their name.

    APICS CPIM exam scores are valid for 10 years from the date of the exam. You must complete all APICS CPIM exams within 10 years of taking your first APICS CPIM exam.

The courses are run in collaboration with IPICS - The Supply Chain Management Institute, which is the certification administrators in Ireland and Britain, on behalf of APICS. IPICS may be contacted at 6E KCR Estate, Kimmage, Dublin 12, by telephone on (01) 9023729 or at enquiries@ipics.ie .                              

                                               www.ipics.ie                           www.apics.com