Train The Trainer Course

Introduction & Duration:

The course quips participants with the basic Knowledge and Tools to plan, develop and deliver internal training for skill based operations.

DURATION:     2 days - Classroom sessions

Participants will be asked to prepare a short training session 

                        which they will deliver on day 2. 

Target Audience:   

 Supervisors / Managers / Team Leaders/ HR Personnel who are required to deliver practical skills or induction training.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course participants will:

       Have acquired the qualities for effective instruction.

       Have developed the basic skills and techniques of instruction.

       Be able to plan, prepare and deliver practical on-the-job training.

       Have enhanced their communication skills and self-confidence in the delivery of a

        training course or practical demonstration.

       Understand key assessment tools and techniques.

       Have demonstrated the skills acquired through the delivery of a practical training


       Identified areas for self-improvement and self-development - The Lessons Learned.

Course content:

      The learning objectives

      Why training is important

       Organisational challenges

       Business and/or legal requirements

      Principles of Instruction

       Key Steps

      Qualities of the Instructor

       Requirements for effectiveness

      Preparation and planning

       Training Needs Analysis

      Delivery techniques

       The lesson structure

       The practical demonstration

      Training evaluation

       Giving constructive feedback

       Question and answer techniques 

      Practical role play

       Individual preparation for a training session

       Delivering the training session

      Group critique and feedback

       Applying the learning

       The lessons learned

Assessment & Certification: 

Each participant will be required to deliver a short training session (Practical Skills)

Participants who complete the course and the practical demonstration will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


The Centre also offers a 5 day Training Delivery & Evaluation course, validated by QQI.


  • "Excellent tutor, will be returning...."
  • "I really enjoyed the course. I feel it really helped me both professionally and personally."
  • "Excellent course, enjoyed it thoroughly."
  • "Extremely beneficial course to me in my current job but will also help in many aspects of my work environment"
  • Years of experience showed - should be used as a prerequisite to anyone delivering training.

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