Refresher Safety Representative Course

Course Introduction 


This course is designed for Safety Representatives, Safety Committee members and learners who wish to keep up to speed with developments in workplace health and safety.


Entry Requirements 

Learners should have previously gained Safety Representative certification and/or Safety and Health at Work certification.




Course Duration 


1 day


Learning Objectoves 


At the end of the course the learner will:


·       Renew their understanding of the concepts of the promotion of safety, health and welfare in the workplace

·       Be familiar with the most up to date health and safety legislation

·       Understand the role, rights and the function of the safety representative

·       Renew their understanding of the importance of the safety statement, hazard identification and risk assessment

·       Be able to explain fire hazards, their sources and the requirement for the fire prevention controls

·       Renew their understanding of the communication process and effective participation at meetings

·       Renew their understanding of the factors of accident causation, describe prevention strategies and policies



Course Content 



·        Key safety, health and welfare legislation.


·        Safety Representation and Safety Consultation.


·        Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.


·        Risk Control and Behavioural Safety.


·        Accidents and Incident Reporting and Investigation.


·        Workplace Inspections.


·        Influencing, Communicating and Negotiating.


·        Sources of Health and Safety Information.


·        Preparing and Implementing the Safety Statement.


·        Common hazards including:


o   Fire

o   Chemicals

o   Manual Handling

o   Repetitive Handling

o   DSE workstations

o   Bullying

o   Work related stress

o   Work equipment

o   Work at heights

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