Chemical Handling

Programme Introduction

Hazardous chemicals are very common in a lot of industries. All employees who handle chemicals should be trained to know the hazards and how to protect themselves from exposure.

Programme Objectives

Provide participants with the knowledge and skills to:


            Recognise where chemical hazards are present

            Understand the information provided on labels

            Choose appropriate personal protective equipment

            Use and store chemicals in a safe manner


Programme Duration

          1 Day (6 hours approximately)


Programme Content


–  Introduction to chemicals

–  The ten commandments for the safe use of chemicals

–  Environmental impact of chemical usage / waste disposal

–  Storage and segregation

–  Labelling

–  Chemical classes

–  Hazardous associated with each class of chemicals: emphasis on chemicals used in place of work e.g. Corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.

–  Fire classification

–  Fire fighting measures / use of fire extinguishers

–  Basic first aid for chemical exposure

–  Material safety data sheets (MSDS sheets)

–  Spill kits

–  Dangers of tank cleaning: causes of imploding

–  Chemical spillage clean up

–  Transportation