Customer Care

At the end of the programme each participant will:

  • Understand how customer service builds and maintains business
  • Recognise each individual’s role in satisfying customer’s needs and meeting customer’s expectations
  • Know the "how to’s" of handling customer complaints
  • Know how to develop a quality and caring culture in the organisation
  • Identify the key elements of an action plan to build better service levels within the organisation

The programme lasts for either a half day or full day.

Training Methodology

The course is highly practical with the emphasis on individual and group participation. The instructional format will include:

  • Lectures
  • Practical exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Instructional videos

Programme Content

  • What is customer care?
    • The key elements
  • Why is customer care so important?
    • The tangible difference to your customers
  • Who are your customers?
    • Internal and external
  • The "moments of truth"
    • Key customer contact points
  • Managing and extending customer relations through better customer service
  • Effective communication skills
    • Listening skills
    • Giving and receiving information
  • Handling customer complaints and winning
  • Ideas to increase the level of customer service within your area of influence