Internal Auditor Course

The course is based on ISO 19011:2018

It is an ideal course for prospective auditors or mangers/supervisors interested in a fuller understanding of ISO Management System Standards and their practical application.

The course also suits anyone interested in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other ISO Standards based on the HLS - High-Level Structure which are now mandatory for all ISO Management System Standards.

Overall the course provides proposed auditors with the information and skills necessary to participate in their company's internal auditing.

Course duration:

  • 2 days

Learning Objectives:

  • Set out the context of internal audit within the business system in general terms
  • State the benefits and purposes of assessments
  • Describe the structure of the internal audit process
  • Describe the role of the internal auditor
  • Practice key elements of the internal audit procedure
  • Describe the nature of deficiencies and the corrective action process
  • Understand assessment reporting and follow-up activities

Course content - Day 1

  • Key Definitions
  • History of quality assurance standards
  • ISO Management System Requirements - the High-Level Structure
  • The Process Approach
  • System Auditing (based on ISO 19011, the auditing standard)
  • The System Audit - Theory and Practice
  • Case Study - Team Audits
  • Observation and communication

Course Content - Day 2

  • Practical Exercises
  • Audit interviews
  • Non-conformance identification
  • Evaluation of findings
  • Writing Non-conformities
  • The True-False test

Training methodology:

Throughout the course participants work through simulation and other practical exercises of actual auditing situations in the planning, performance and reporting of audits and the follow-up necessary to monitor and confirm effective corrective actions. 

        Course only available on an in-company basis.

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