The course aims to assist the organisation in developing and maintaining effective teamwork and emphasises the need for a total team performance in today's challenging environment.

It examines the key role and responsibilities of the team leader in team building and managing performance.

Programme Objectives

  • To increase awareness of the importance of effective teamwork within the organisation
  • To provide the team leaders with a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities in the area of team development
  • To improve communication/delegation skills
  • To examine the key motivational skills for consistent team performance
  • Introduce techniques for more effective time management and personal organisation
  • To provide a forum for self-critique and role analysis and identify areas for improvement

Module 1 - Introduction and Business Overview

  • The challenges facing the company in the next 1 – 3 years

Module 2 - World Class Company Requirements

  • The importance of effective leadership and teamwork

Module 3 - Role of the Team Leader

  • Characteristics of an effective leader
  • Knowledge/skills/attitude
  • Main areas of responsibility

Module 4 - The Effective Team

  • Factors that influence teamwork
  • Stages of team development
  • The leader’s role
    • Handling conflict
    • Handling performance issues

Module 5 - Team Problem Solving

  • Group role-play
  • Critique

Module 6 - Motivation and Performance

  • The leader’s role

Module 7 - Effective Time Managament

  • Establishling priorities
  • Personal organisation

Module 8 - Applying the Learning

  • Identifying actions for implementation
  • Individual presentations