Performance Management

This course is aimed at anyone who is required to conduct appraisal interviews. No previous experience will be assumed.

Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme participants will:

  • Understand the purpose and scope of the appraisal interview
  • Know the steps required to prepare for an appraisal interview
  • Use appropriate questioning and listening techniques
  • Conduct appraisal interviews effectively so that the appraisee is motivated to improve his or her performance
  • Identify individual training and development needs
  • Use the appraisal interview as an opportunity to facilitate change

Course Content

  • The purpose and benefits of appraisal interviews
  • Interview preparation
    • Gathering information
    • Planning the approach
    • Briefing the appraisee
  • Conducting the appraisal interview
    • Pitfalls to be avoided
    • Encouraging the appraisee
    • Questioning techniques
    • Listening skills
    • Handling difficulties
    • Giving praise and criticism
  • Gaining commitment
  • Setting measurable targets
  • Appraisal interviewing – role play