Team Building

Designed to assist the group in developing and maintaining effective teamwork. The programme emphasises the need for a total team performance in today's challenging environment. It examines the stages of team development and the role and responsibilities of team members including the leader.

Programme Objectives

  • To increase awareness of the importance of effective teamwork within the organisation
  • To provide the group with a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities in the area of team development
  • To explore the stages of team development and the factors that influence it
  • To examine the key motivational skills for consistent team performance
  • To enable the group to look objectively at their own performance and stimulate ideas/actions for improvement

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Course objectives
  • Future work environment
    • Organisational challenges
    • The key people dimension
    • The importance of teamwork
  • The effective team
    • Group exercise 1 - definitions
    • Factors that influence teamwork
  • Teamwork in action
    • Group exercise 2 - achieving the task
    • Team problem solving
  • Stages of team development
    • The members' role
    • The leader's role
  • Team decision making
  • Motivating the team
    • The key motivators
    • Self esteem and morale
    • Creating the right climate
  • Applying the learning
    • Identifying actions for implementation