Time Management

"I just haven't the time" must be one of the most frequently used sentences in business life. Some people appear to pack more into their day than others do. Yet nobody can make time. We all start off with the same ration of this valuable asset.

It is easy to blame the telephone, longwinded meeting or just “other people’. Yet very often self-management is the key fault.

Course Duration

  • One Day

Programme Objectives

  • How to maximise the use of their time so as to increase their overall efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Identify the major time leaks in their work routine
  • Reduce personal stress due to time pressure

Programme Content

  • Recognise and understand time management problems
    • Examination of the common time traps and time wasters
  • Solutions to time management problems
    • The six rules for more effective time management
  • Making use of limited time
  • Developing habits that save time
    • Winning the paperwork battle
    • Learning to say no
  • Personal stress and its effect on work
  • Scheduling time
    • Identify important activities and establish priorities
  • Personal action plan for better time management